Hello there, bear enthusiasts!

I’ve been meaning to construct this blog for a while now, and a non-raid day (read: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday) seemed like the best time to finally make it happen. Yes, there a lot of blogs out there, probably millions! [Insert Carl Sagan joke.] That said, what should you expect to find on this one?

  • Perspective from a hard-mode raider who exclusively does 10-mans.
  • Funny, weird or just plain head-scratching screenshots
  • Raid videos
  • Links to the people who crunch numbers and beat people who ask for castable Thorns in bear form
  • My quirky recipes
  • Bear ass!

About me: I started playing this game in February 2008, around the beginning of Sunwell. Since then, I have played all sorts of druid specs: resto, kitty, bear, moonkin, hybrid, wtf-were-you-thinking. I have been both Alliance and Horde, Tauren and Worgen, PvPland and Carebearville. These days, I tank and go chicken for a 10-man guild, Lowered Expectations, on the Alleria-US (PvE) server.

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