Tanking HM Baleroc

The dude hits hard. 😦

So, last night, the guild decided to take a break from the pain that is heroic Alysrazor and take some swipes at heroic Baleroc. Originally, we thought our protection warrior would be best-suited to tanking this fight. After all, he can block normal melee hits, right?

But then we watched as someone hacked into our holy paladin’s account. So a backup healer then entered the fray. After a few wipes, and some practice at shards and the new mechanic — Countdown — we hoped we could work together and down the boss. The warrior, however, was dying very quickly to regular melee hits, not even the Decimating Strikes or Inferno Blade.

The warrior had no real DPS gear, so I switched from moonkin to bear. We also switched in a resto shaman for our holy priest (who then went shadow). I can’t say whether the more effective single-target healing or my ability to dodge a lot of Baleroc’s strikes were what got us closer to 50 percent on this boss. Either way, I’ll take progress in any form these days.

For Inferno Blades, I used Survival Instincts and my Mirror of Broken Images. When Decimation Blade came up, I hit Enrage and my macroed Ancient Petrified Seed. With the four-piece Tier 12 bonus, I could also use Barkskin and then cancel the buff for the 10 percent dodge bonus.

This seemed to work OK, except when healers or DPS got confused on Countdown or shard timing. Either I would get healed with no problem or I would get no heals at all.

“I wish we had some main-spec DPS,” our GM and affliction warlock said in officer chat, worrying about the 25,000 average DPS the fight requires of each raider. I agreed, but in truth, not having a real bench is one of the biggest challenges facing 10-man guilds. So we’re kind of used to just making do sometimes. Our marksmanship hunter was mysteriously disconnected, for instance, and our elemental shaman had to work.

Don’t get me wrong. We screwed up a lot. It happens when you’re learning. I take responsibility for my mistakes, and I am sure others do too. I also understand the argument from some people that heroic raiders should be able to play their offspecs at an adequately high level. That might get us into a discussion about loot, and as they say, that’s another story. (Our warrior would love a shield upgrade!)

I am sure that with enough attempts, we can down this boss, as it really is a giant gear check for the whole raid. I just wish I knew who was actually going to show up (aside from a core of ultra-reliable people). 😀

Oh and here’s a link to our World of Logs parses, in case anyone’s interested!

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