Heroic Ragnaros — and pain

So after wiping an entire night on heroic Beth’tilac, as you can see here, we finally killed The Red Widow on the last pull. That left only heroic Staghelm, which we had killed before, and the Firelord himself. Last night, we two-shot Staghelm, and moved on to battle what we knew would be a ruthless, vicious foe.

In preparation for this, I read whatever I could and asked people who are smarter than I am all the questions I could. Sunnier, a blogger and 10-man bear herself, wrote up an amazing guide to the fight, explaining what she learned on her way to becoming a Firelady. We all watched videos, of course, but you can’t really put two and two together for yourself until you pull the boss.

The first thing I noticed was how hard this guy hits. Combined with the Burning Wound debuff, Ragnaros’ melee damage (close to 80,000 a pop) forces everyone to pay attention and be on top of cooldowns and healing. After our warrior tank would taunt off, I’d still notice significant Burning Wound damage. On normal, it really was a non-issue. This is the first boss I’ve encountered in a long time where I had a real chance of croaking right after the pull. I am going to try reforging toward dodge and away from expertise, etc., a setup I had been using for Alysrazor. Add to this higher damage from blowing up Magma Traps, and you have one heck of a blast! [fire pun? fire pun.]

We seemed to handle Sons of Flame well enough, with a “swing group”, and two groups on each side of the room. The Sons can spawn in random order on heroic, so of course, we have to watch them closely.

Our biggest problems right now are:

  • Tank healing
  • DPS on Molten Elementals (which gain a damage buff when too close to each other)
  • Lack of a moonkin (see second point)

I know it will be a long road. Maybe we aren’t ready just yet. But the fact is, we’re here now. It’s time to learn, it’s time to grow, it’s time to tank with my fase!

P.S.: Here’s hoping we can get some good work in on Phase 2 tonight!


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12 Responses to Heroic Ragnaros — and pain

  1. Ceraphus says:

    Good luck with heroic Rag, my guild just started on normal rag ourselves, so would be interested in hearing how you tackled the big guy

  2. Sunnier says:

    We had some rough patches in tank healing at the beginning, too. I think it just takes a while for the healers to get a feel for each encounter (well, it takes everyone a while). With more practice, healing on the tanks vastly improved. So much that I was even able to reforge a bit out of dodge and equip a dps trinket instead of my stam trinket. Good luck!

  3. Draccus says:

    Congradulations on getting your team together and now going toe to fiery toe with Ragnaros, especially in Heroic Mode. After your last post I honestly can say I am glad that everything has not turned into flowers and puppy dogs in the difficulty of raiding the current content.

    Ragnaros is after all an Elemental Lord, and piece of epic WoW Lore. He should not be as soft as a burnt marshmellow in a campfire. When I read that you said, “The first thing I noticed was how hard this guy hits. Combined with the Burning Wound debuff, Ragnaros’ melee damage (close to 80,000 a pop) forces everyone to pay attention and be on top of cooldowns and healing” I had a breath of relief. That is a boss worthy to be screen shoted on the ground, and from the sounds of everything you all should be able to clean him up nicely soon.

    To bad I am not currently raid ready for this content, took a small break, but plan on getting wet again soon later this year. As a boomkin though it would be nice to be able to add to the ranged dps putting some extra feathery hurt on the boss. I am sure that there are several capable and willing Druids’ of the Moonkin persuasion.

    Lets us know when you all have him down. Great post, this might be getting added to the RSS feeder.

  4. Syrco says:

    Grats on Beth’tilac! We’re also working on Ragnaros heroic at the moment.
    Don’t remember the exact % we’ve gotten to, but it took us a while to learn how to dps down the seed adds. First we tried the stack up and run while dpsing, which didn’t work.
    But now we stack on the far left/right before he casts them, then run to middle and stack and when they spawn we run to the other side so the adds have to run farther, and then we dps them down before he casts Engulfing Flames. Still some people die to adds, but most die to the flame, so we have to practice more πŸ˜›

    But good luck, hope you find a tactic that works for you! πŸ™‚

  5. Well, good luck. It sounds like Ragnaros is a tough fight, which just makes it all the more worthwhile when you finally down him. πŸ™‚

  6. red cow says:

    Grats on your kills, and good luck with Rags! We are just starting attempts on normal mode. Everything is going well except for the mayhem in the second transition phase!

    • Which part of the transition is causing problems? The more you refine your Phase 2.5 transition, the easier Phase 3 will become. We used to use Heroism to get the Scions down, but since the nerf we found we could save it until Phase 3 actually started.

      • red cow says:

        Although we handle the first transition adds just fine, the second one becomes overwhelming with those extra adds. After one night of attempts, we only made it into P3 once, and even then one add made it to the hammer. Everyone, even healers, is helping to pick off adds but we can’t seem to keep 2-3 away from the hammer and then we all blow up -_-

  7. Bravetank says:

    Congratulations on the kills so far & good luck with Phase 2. It’ll be interesting seeing what difference reforging dodge makes.

  8. Jasyla says:

    Good luck on heroic Rag. I can’t wait to see him myself (though it will likely be a few more weeks before that).

  9. Navimie says:

    Grats on the heroic Beth kill πŸ™‚

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