Moonkin or bust?

There we were, managing Phase 1 and the first transition on heroic Ragnaros much better than we had before. Switching up some healing assignments seemed to help a lot as well. We even managed to have people run away fast enough from Molten Seeds. This made us happy.

There was another problem at that point, however: killing the Molten Elementals that spawn from those seeds. Our raid composition doesn’t really have a ton of burst AoE, and there’s that one spec that we knew would really help us out. Sadly, we only have one raiding druid right now, and he’s kind of busy tanking a firelord. He’s also very old, apparently, and grumpy.

What to do? Picket? Protest? Stage a bear-costume dance outside Blizzard headquarters? Nuzzle jars of honey? No, the obvious answer is make the frost DK go blood and make the feral tank go chicken. Yeah, me as a chicken. Yeesh. Here’s the ugly armory.

(Pause here to allow for pointing and laughing.)

I will be very honest with you. I have never been DPS on even normal Ragnaros. The only fights where I use my moonkin spec are heroic Rhyolith and heroic Baleroc. My DPS is somewhat acceptable, but I don’t rank on World of Logs or anything. I need to get better at managing my Eclipse energy and rotation. I am sure Eluial and Tagartou — two of the smartest chickens I know — are sick of me asking questions.

In truth, I started tanking again this expansion because I knew I would be better at it than I was at moonkin. In Wrath, I had been feral cat in most raids. It was a lot of fun. Rogues hated me. I still go quasi-kitty on heroic Staghelm (bear spec notwithstanding). I never really did any casting back then, except as a full-time tree.

Knowing how the fight works, at least on the surface, will do very little for me in practice when our DK gets enough gear to tank. I will probably screw things up. I will probably lose faith in myself. My warlock GM will probably want to plant Seed of Corruption on my rear end IRL. I have to give it a try, though, because aside from sacrificing gnomes in a bid to create more AoE burst, we are out of ideas on how to solve this problem. Mmm, gnome sacrifice!

Have any of you had to change specs in the middle of progression? Did you have someone else on your roster switch from DPS to tank, or even healer? How did you all deal with this? And if you have any chicken-like tips for this fight, I’d gladly read them!


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10 Responses to Moonkin or bust?

  1. Lument says:

    Interesting that y’all are putting so much on a Moonkin. It can definitely be done without a Moonkin, though. We’re not using a Moonkin and while we haven’t gotten HRag down quite yet, we’re being held up in P4, with Sons and Molten Seeds not giving us any issues. There are a few positioning things that can be done to improve the amount of damage being done on the Molten Seeds. If I’ve read your group comp correctly from WoL, you’ve got a Warlock and Shadow Priest. That is honestly all that’s needed in terms of ‘good’ AoE. Throw in that you’ve got a fair bit in addition from Hunter and Mage, and a bit that can be tossed in from your Holy Paladin (Consecrate), Molten Seeds should be easily handled. I’d recommend a positioning change (assuming you aren’t doing this already; if you already are, then ignore the rest hehe) to give your Warlock and Shadow Priest virtually 100% uptime on their AoE on the seeds.

    When stacked, everyone moves together away from the Seeds except for the Warlock and Shadow Priest. These two run in the same direction as the group but also move away from Ragnaros’ position. Here’s the pic I did for our guild (isn’t my Rag just so awesome?!):

    Position on the left is the initial start location (mirror for when stack on the right, of course). Position ‘1’ is where we stop for people to get their AoE down. Position ‘2’ is where we run to and then from there spread out. Raid is following black arrows. Warlock/Priest following purple arrow.

    So while the rest of the raid group (8 persons) stay together, the Warlock/Priest move a bit away (purple arrow) so that when the 8 pack of mobs are chasing the rest of the raid, they are clumped up and Warlock/Priest can AoE them down. The 2 that will go to the Warlock/Priest can easily/quickly be taken down by the rest of the DPS.

    Position ‘1’ is also the place where people drop whatever AoE they have that stays behind: Death and Decay, Mushrooms, Earthquake, Consecrate, etc. Everyone regardless of role can most likely contribute (for example, I’m healing but I am dropping my Mushrooms and the other healer is a Paladin who is dropping Consecrate). With classes like Hunter and Mage being able to Disengage/Blink immediately from position ‘1’ to position ‘2’, they can keep their add grouped with the others while being able to drop Volley/Blizzard. Very useful and is what contributes to us having Seeds down before they ever even hit us (the only 2 that remain are the Warlock/Priest one of which go down super fast when all 6 DPS get on them after the main pack is down).

    Again I apologize if you guys are already doing this. If not, then hopefully it helps!

    • Thanks for your insight. I passed on your comments and the picture to the guild. Ideally we would be able to keep our roster the same and move forward!

      • Lument says:

        Not sure if I explained it well, I forgot to specifically note that the Warlock/Priest stay at their position 1 and cast Seed/Sear while the 8 pack of adds chases down the rest of the group. The healers need to be aware that the Warlock/Priest may need a little bit of healing because their 2 adds will get a hit or two on them. Once the 8 pack moves out of range of the Warlock/Priest, they move over toward the rest of the raid group.

  2. Karegina says:

    I am a tree, I’ve been a tree for years. However, sometimes we have to PUG people to fill our raids. As a result, sometimes we pug a holy pally to fill a spot, which then leaves us with 3 healers. Since the nerf, we’ve been 2 healing everything. Well, the holy pally doesn’t have a dps offset, my other guild healer (shaman) has a enhancement set that she’s not that used to nor is she hit capped. So, I get to moonkin instead of healing when this pally is around.

    Our first kill of Rhyolith, I was moonkin instead of tree. That broke my heart but I know it was needed. I didn’t do a lot of DPS, I’m a freaking tree after all, but I held my own and we succeeded.

    I have no advice on that fight, as I’ve not gotten there. But I totally feel your pain!

  3. Edenvale says:

    I laughed out loud at the drawing of Rag, reminded me of a fight explanation of Magmaw I stumbled upon. Crayons explain everything so well.

  4. Saga says:

    I’ve switched specs for specific fights (like I went Demonology for Ragnaros since I wanted an extra stun), but I think the biggest change I made was going from my beloved Warlock to play Warrior tank halfway through Wrath when we lost our tank and couldn’t find a new one. We had plenty of dps, so I figured I’d leave my evil lock behind and help the guild out with tanking.

    That was a huge change for me. Not only did I go from ranged dps to a melee class, but I was now tanking! It took some getting used to, but I quite enjoyed it. I’m back to my Warlock these days though, because tanking was just a bit too stressful for me (the whole, make one mistake and you wipe the raid compared to make one mistake and you wipe yourself).

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