First night on 4.3 PTR

So I finally decided to hop onto the Public Test Realm last night with a couple of guildies. After the epic process of downloading ALL THE DATAZ, I copied over my druid and waited for the others.

Boy what a busy place the PvE test realm is these days (especially around the target dummies!). Speaking of spells, I have to say, I really dislike the new effects given to Wrath. I don’t see how making it yellow, instead of green, is more “nature-like” in any way. No, Blizzard, seeing that spew out of my moonkin’s hands does not make me think of the sun. It makes me think of that thing none of our characters ever does in this game (except that one quest in Grizzly Hills).

One of our number suggested testing the Transmogrification and Void Storage options available on this realm. While I don’t quite understand the latter option beyond its 1,000-gold initial cost, I did manage to make my bear gear look like the screenshot you see above with these items:

Thunderheart Cover | Thunderheart Chestguard

Thunderheart Gauntlets | Thunderheart Leggings

Cenarion Spaulders | Farstrider Defender’s Cloak

Thunderheart Waistguard | Thunderheart Wristguards

Thunderhart Treads | Staff of the Green Circle

The other challenge, honestly, was setting up all my keybindings for my bear. I haven’t used the default Blizzard UI since … maybe 2008. Eventually, through trial and error, I got most of them working. Once we got all three of us online, we queued for the End Time heroic dungeon. (It’s the only one of the new dungeons available for testing at this time.) None of us had done this place at all, obviously, so we kind of felt bad for our two random groupmates. This was especially troubling as the tank.

As it turns out, our biggest problem was the PTR’s assault on our warlock’s computer. She crashed out and was unable to continue the dungeon with us. Another time.

Anyway, when you zone in, you must click on one of the time portals (they look like a giant, glowing disc) that acts as a transporter for the instance. Think Ulduar. You are immediately required to collect fragments of Jaina Proudmoore’s staff. There are 16 pieces in all. And of course, getting in your way will be packs of semi-annoying trash, though the mix of casters and melee posed very little threat to any of us. Overall they were quite easy to tank.

Once you have all the pieces of the staff, you can then fight the “Echo of Jaina“. It looks just like Miss Proudmoore, except she attacks you with Pyroblasts, some AoE lava damage and a “Look out! Sharp things coming your way!” spell that you can easily avoid after she blinks. Kind of a yawner, if you ask me.

One teleport later, you arrive at a different Dragonshrine to fight trash related to the Echo of Baine. Yes, it’s everyone’s favorite Thunder Bluff leader, all ready to pound his tree trunk of a weapon into your face. The dragonkin packs here can cause a few problems if you’re not ready for the ground AoE and fire damage, but it’s nothing the average player cannot handle. Baine himself doesn’t melee very hard, though his special attacks can hurt. Periodically, Baine will fly into the air and crack an area of the ground into pieces. He will also drop his weapon, which a player must then pick up and throw back at him. Tanking this fight was pretty boring as well.

Your final teleport takes you to a battle with infinite dragonflight packs. One pack is off to the side and another is channeling into a giant time device.

With those dragonkin dealt with, you will finally face off with Murozond, the Lord of the Infinite. Anyone who has ever played Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time will appreciate this encounter. Or maybe they will just facepalm. Murozond is a dragon, of course, so he will breathe on you (Flame Breath) and also increase the party’s shadow damage taken (Temporal Blast). Flame Breath is definitely worse, though it won’t one-shot you.

You will notice that you have five hourglasses on your screen. These represent a trick your party can use to actually rewind time and restart the haste and movement-speed buff Nozdormu provides (Blessing of the Bronze Dragonflight). As of this writing, you are allowed five uses. These also serve to eliminate the growing number of Distortion Bombs, which appear as yellowish void zones on the ground, and restore HP, mana and ability cooldowns. One of the party members will simply need to click on the time device in the middle of the zone to activate an hourglass. Murozond has about 13 million HP.

I kind of hope that Blizzard will tune these encounters tighter on live, but then again, we didn’t see the Tyrande or Sylvanas encounters. Hopefully we can test those tonight!

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One Response to First night on 4.3 PTR

  1. Sunnier says:

    Just want to say I love your transmog set! It goes well with your name, which makes it even better. 🙂

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