The (Half) Hour of Twilight

What do you get when you combine one part Dragonblight, one part Thrall and one part Wyrmrest Temple? Of course! You get the Hour of Twilight, the second of the three new 5-mans coming in patch 4.3. But in this case, it only takes a half-hour, if that, to clear the instance.

Compared to End Time, the first dungeon I tested, Hour of Twilight felt much more enjoyable. Some have said it will be the Halls of Reflection of this expansion — aka the dungeon people dread running — but I had a good time. Yes, I croaked, and so did my European partymates. You will fight all sorts of trash, ride a red drake and even tangle with some minions of the Old Gods. All the while, your buddy Thrall, Mr. World-Shaman, is by your side — hanging out in a block of ice, providing AoE buff zones and, well, just being Thrall-like.

(I cut out the long run back to Archbishop Benedictus in the full run video, as Blizzard said not being able to easily teleport to the last boss after a wipe was a known issue. We sure got confused and lost. Yay for invisible walls! >.<)

But the last boss can drop a pretty sweet staff — that is, if you are a caster and haven’t had any luck in Firelands. We also saw a couple of agility leather drops.

The first boss, Arcurion, doesn’t have all that many tricks. He will periodically drop icy runes, much like Scourgelord Tyrranus did in Pit of Saron. Arcurion will also encase Thrall in ice, which you can DPS (it has about 375,000 HP). Before he dies, he will throw out a lot of frost damage, but it’s nothing spectacular.

From there you can mount up and make your way across the Dragon Wastes down to Galakrond’s Rest. Several stealthed mobs are waiting to stab you, so be ready. Not to worry, though, Thrall will provide AoE buff zones that increase your damage done, among other good things.

The trash mobs also give you an idea of what the next boss will be like. If you guessed Smoke-Bombing Rogue who maims a red drake on her way in, you are right! Asira Dawnslayer will try to cut you down — literally — and drop smoke bombs that render casting and healing useless but also damage you. I should have kited her more, to be honest, because you can see in the video people complaining that they couldn’t really do anything while the smoke was around. After the boss is dead, you can hop on a drake to head toward Wyrmrest Temple.

Anyone who ever ran Obsidian Sanctum or Ruby Sanctum — or heck, even leveled in Northrend, will recognize the broken path that leads down to the temple basement. It is here that you will fight off the deformed minions of the Old Gods. They may look freaky, but they aren’t really deadly.

Once inside the temple, you will meet up with Archbishop Benedictus. He may have been all about the Light before, but now this guy is all about kicking some shaman ass. (And really, who isn’t?) Pleasantries exchanged, the boss becomes active and gets on with killing your group, or at least trying, in this two-phase fight.

Benedictus will place a debuff on one member of the group, though none of us noticed quickly enough to ask for a dispel. The Righteous Shear / Twilight Shear — which you get depends on the phase — will damage nearby allies if left to fester. (Wowhead comments note that Thrall will dispel it the first time, but your healer will need to take care of the second and third instances on their own.) Purifying Light / Corrupting Twilight will fly out as orbs from the boss and leave damaging void zones (one targeted player in phase one, three in phase two).

Want some ridiculously telegraphed party-wiping moves? You’ve got them in the Wave of Virtue / Wave of Twilight. Fortunately, they are very easy to avoid and show up as giant waves from the back of the room. Apparently in phase one you can hide in the Water Shell that Thrall puts up, but we didn’t really need to do this. In phase two, however, you won’t have anywhere to hide. So just look out for the giant wave. You know, like you used to do when you were in this temple the first time.

And now we wait to see what the Well of Eternity brings. I’m guessing wells will be involved.


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