This is the end … (of Tier 12)

So the great prognosticators out there have said that Patch 4.3 should hit live servers sometime before December. This means people could be tooling around Dragon Soul, the three new five-man dungeons and the all-new Darkmoon Faire sooner than you think. What this also means, of course, is that The Little Ten-Man Guild That Could probably will not down heroic Ragnaros before this tier is over.

We’ve had a lot of Real Life casting CC on our raiders, others suffering from end-tier burnout, and an overall lack of consistency in Firelands. Our failure to kill him yet — best attempt was 38 percent in Phase 2.5 — is totally on us, though. I don’t blame Blizzard, RNG, The Blood God or even sun sparks. I think in total, we’ve made less than 100 attempts total, when it takes most guilds more than 200 to get a kill.

We’re training a new tank, and it looks like our warrior tank will be switching to his resto druid alt because we just lost two healers. Taking out the guts of your raid group and then trying to stick it in the wrong cavity just leads to flatlines all around. Still, we’ve had fun this tier and learned a lot. I never thought I would see a fight where tank damage mattered so much (Alysrazor) or another where kiting would be so important (Shannox). I do wish we would have killed Alysrazor before the nerf, but the closest we got was 8 percent. And of course, I’d love to get my paws on the loot from heroic Ragnaros, but I just don’t see the stars aligning for a kill in time. In happier news, our GM should be completing her legendary staff tonight, just in time for it to be nerfed in 4.3!

The question is, does it matter? There seem to be three camps here: the posters in the official Dungeons & Raids forum who think anything less than 7/7H is a complete failure; those who want to either “see the content” or call themselves casuals; and the trade chat trolls. The first group absolutely has to be first, the best, ahead of everyone else or it’s a bust. The second just wants to kill the final boss on normal, maybe, or try a couple heroic bosses. I won’t go into whether these bosses should have been nerfed, as I covered that in another post and I’m sure people are tired of beating Teh Dead Horse. And the third just wants to troll you into emotional eating or maybe just watching XPlay reruns so you can gawk at G4’s babes some more. What???

The most insistent of the D&R people would say that our guild had no business even pulling heroic Rag, given that we were only 3/7H before The Giant Nerf on September 20. In fact, one poster said only about 1 percent of 6/7H guilds post-nerf were going to kill him anyway. The graph above from WowProgress kind of bears this out. Still, others said that heroic Rag is not a big deal now that his health pool has been reduced. I always pictured their collective mind as a hydra of some sort, a multi-headed beast that tries to kill you in Zangarmarsh. You know, that zone is totally dangerous!

The top guild on our server is a transfer, but they took the best raiders from their 25-man and killed heroic Rag last month on 10-man. I am not sure how close other guilds are getting on their attempts. It’s possible maybe one other guild may down the Firelord before the patch.

Obviously, not having a kill is not so great for recruiting purposes, especially when it seems as if a lot of recruits are of the D&R mindset. I shouldn’t care what other people think, of course, but the truth is as a recruiter I have to be aware of the consensus that’s out there. Sure, there may be skilled, effective, raid-aware recruits out there who don’t care about the elitist mantra and want to raid for the love of raiding. I’d love to meet them and kill bosses with them!  I do not begrudge those same raiders, however, if they want to apply and move into a 7/7H guild. If they can make it, more power to them.

Some other folks may just be glad to complete Firelands and see a lore figure die … for the second time. They don’t really pay attention to server rank, U.S. ranking or even World of Logs placement. This does not mean these raiders are terrible by any means, but they are just more casual about WoW than the “fake hardcore” folks with a catheter and bucket. The funny truth is that after initial progression is done, hardcore guilds end up raiding less than the rest of us.

Then you have people in trade chat who will never kill a heroic boss but complain that the top guild didn’t kill Rag before the HP nerf. These are the same people who post on Level 1 Alts and lay into anyone and everyone for not being uber-leet. Alleria has lots of these folks, probably leftovers from the days when Premonition was on the server. One wonders, though, why they are still here.

I guess it comes down to either admitting we didn’t have the stuff to get it done — whether that’s dps, hps, tank skill or overall awareness — or blaming something or someone else. I don’t really care for the second choice, though that’s always easier as humans who don’t like self-flagellation and pain. Not everyone is supposed to kill every heroic boss while it’s current. If they did, the boss wouldn’t be very heroic, now would he? I think I can accept that we will end this tier at 6/7H, and maybe it means we will have to push as a more organized, determined group inside the bowels of Dragon Soul. Deathwing awaits, and he has to pay for burning my druid!

So who do you think is right? Does it matter in The Big Picture who kills what and when? Let me know!

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