The Red Portal: Going Horde

After spending FAR too much time in Skyrim as a badass High Elf mage who maims people with Bound Sword, I realized that the change our guild had been hoping for would finally happen. We were getting off the dead rock that was Alleria and going Horde. Blizzard’s new Guild Services meant we would be going to a higher-population server with a larger pool of capable players. This also meant we could potentially expand to a 25-man raid group.

But the title of your blog won’t make sense!” you interject. “What about the lost intimacy? What about the dancing girls?”

And you would be right. I’m not exactly sure what to do about that. Somehow I don’t think calling this site The Ten (x2.5) Man Bear wouldn’t make sense, though I do appreciate my GM’s suggestion. Maybe I don’t have to decide right away, as we are still a 10-man guild for now. [Though we are up to a roster of more than 20 at the moment, none of whom are dancing girls. And now, a moment of silence.]

I am happy to be Horde, because this is where Leafybrez — now Beefybrez, the Tauren druid — started out almost four years ago. As a wee, cowlike humanoid, my character lugged buckets of water back to camp, battled an untold number of quillboars and plains creatures and eventually found his way to Orgrimmar. This is my main, my first non-trial character ever, and he will probably be around until the game is bought by Wal-Mart/Activision/Bethesda.

Our warrior tank heads up our growing high-end PvP membership, and lots of them have said they are happy they’ve found a higher-population, competitive server complete with gladiators and High Warlords. What’s more, the people in guilds like <SO RAW TURN THE OVEN ON> are not only capable PvPers, but actually cool people too.

Back in my day, mounts were for level 40s — and we had to share the Raptor Flesh!

These days I am helping Alliance-brained guildies find their way in Orgrimmar, telling everyone how OP War Stomp is, and reviewing e-stacks of applications and trial performance threads. I swear my GM is one step away from using a virtual whiteboard to discuss guild-server synergy and brand awareness in the marketplace. I also think some people have this song blaring in their heads as they wander around in a strange city of orcs, Tauren and blood elves.

Well I’m sure that’s more than enough Michelle Branch for about 10 years.

We are at the end of Tier 12, of course, and that means it’s time for a gear reset. So we are talking to folks from all over the gear spectrum. It’s kind of nice, in a way, but we also are a progression guild. And that means that eventually, we have to replace people who die to [Improved Herp Derp] or think rolling their face across their keyboard is appropriate for anyone other than an arcane mage. We have already picked up what seems to be an exceptional couple of healers, and some amazing DPS. Good healers keep my blood pressure low, and that makes for a happy bear.

[Shameless plug: We need more non-plate melee DPS and some more healers!]

As far as the guildies who came from Alleria, I’m not sure if everyone will be staying in the same role they had before. Our warrior tank may be switching to his resto druid. Some DPS may be healers or switching to a previously less-than-ideal spec that is now uber-buffed (see: fire mage, unholy DK). I am excited about tanking 25s, though I had railed against the larger raid size in a lot of forum posts. I know, I know, insert “You hypocrite!” comments here.

I will probably have a lot more to say about the tanking experience in 25s once we actually have a full, regular raid group. I will be most interested to see what the healing feels like. Some folks say it is much harder to heal on 25, others say that’s hogwash. Who do you think is right?

It’s also interesting to see how our small management core is adjusting to the sheer number of people we have now. When I see our shadow priest officer rallying to someone’s defense after someone bemoans another’s performance, I can see her confidence. Our frost DK usually tries to remain more behind the scenes, though I imagine he will be pushing our melee DPS to the limit. And our GM, the Evil Warlock Incarnate keeps everyone rolling along, even if she does pick on me constantly for being Old and Fat and Senile. Things may develop into a more predictable pattern when we actually have class leaders.

As my GM said on our Web site:

“Welcome to the home of <Criticism>, a 6/7H Horde guild on the Area 52 server! We are a recently transferred progression raiding guild. Though we’ve been a 10m guild through the first two tiers of Cataclysm, we’re currently in the process of expanding to 25m raiding. Our roster is expanding fast, but we still have room for more DPS and healers. Check the recruitment box for class details!

The leadership of <Criticism> has been playing, and raiding, since Vanilla. We have former members of <Drama>, <Vanquish>, <Nether>, <Alpha>, and many more current or former bleeding edge raiding guilds. We’re looking for raiders who can play on the same level we are accustomed to playing at.”

This is a big adventure for us all, no matter how many of us there end up being when we’re balls deep into Dragon Soul. I will try my best to post often about what’s happening so The Five Actual Readers stay abreast of the changes. I will also welcome any news on what happened to the dancing girls. Man, they were hot.


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4 Responses to The Red Portal: Going Horde

  1. Sunnier says:

    You know, I saw Beefybrez post on the forums and I thought “wow that sounds a lot like Leafybrez, must be a coincidence.” I guess I’m just that far behind in reading blogs. I’m afraid it will be much more difficult to make your transmog outfit match your new name. 😦

    A while ago my guild tried to go Horde. Luckily I wasn’t the only one who passionately objected. I had been Horde for four years, I wasn’t ready to go back. If they tried to go 25, there would be many more objections, but maybe that’s because my guild was 25 a long time ago and no one liked it. There are some fun parts to 25 mans, so I hope you guys are successful if you end up sticking to that size!

    • Yeah I guess I should have announced the name change somewhere. Sorry for the confusion. And you are probably right that I should have thought about the transmogrification set when the guild insisted I make a “beef” reference to match my new Tauren visage. 😦 Most of us are really enjoying being Horde. As far as the 25s situation goes, the biggest problem for me is lag on some fights. Being on a New York datacenter server when I live in Los Angeles isn’t ideal, of course, but I think I also need to ditch a few addons.

  2. Navimie says:

    I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks wondering how it all went. When you don’t hear anything you get afraid that the worst has happened!

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